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Our Mission

Enable all companies to engage meaningfully with the public so we can identify, prioritize, and remediate algorithmic biases, together. 

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Our Story

Bug bounties are a standard practice in cybersecurity that has yet to find footing in the algorithmic bias community. While initial one-off events demonstrated enthusiasm for bounties, Bias Bounty was founded to advance this critical work as a first-in-industry hosting service.


Outlined in the latest NIST AI Risk Management Framework, algorithmic bias bounties (TM) should be a part of any gold-star algorithmic ethics program. 

There remain  relatively few applied Responsible programs in industry and many companies are wary of engaging with the public on the topic of bias bounties.

Our founders successfully ran the world's first algorithmic bias bounty competition and subsequent contests under the Bias Buccaneer banner. 


These events highlighted that while some bounties can and should occur in the open, many companies were interested in hosting bounties where specific expertise were invited to participate in a managed environment. 


Bifurcating the public bounties and private pre-release evaluations were the genesis for


Founding partners ran the world’s first Algorithmic Bias Bounty™ program and founded the first not-for-profit global competition focused on building awareness and experience in detecting and applied mitigation of algorithmic bias.

Serial entrepreneurs experienced in applying solutions within Large Tech companies.

Experienced Auditors who have built internal oversight functions for the largest AI tech companies in the world and served as external auditors for big-4 accounting firms.  

Engineers who have managed large teams of data scientists and ML engineers across industries and at the largest AI-enabled companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


Published authors and frequent speakers at global conferences, our founders are also global Policy & Technical Standards SMEs who have advised public and private entities on AI ethics, audit best practices, and technical standards.

Experienced Leadership

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